If you are considering a private jet charter for your flying needs and this is the very first time that you will be using this mode of travel, then you may be a bit worried about the safety and in flight experience that is required by these smaller companies. Just as with the commercial airlines, private jet charters are regulated through the FAA and they must meet the same basic standards as any commercial aircraft.

Safety Private Jet Routine aircraft safety checks are conducted by independent examiners and the FAA to determine safety of all aircrafts is up to standards and meets specific guidelines. All pilots in accordance with FAA standards must have a minimum of one thousand flight hours experience prior to flying any commercial or private aircraft. Fortunately most private charter companies well exceed industry standards to ensure that their passengers have a safe and successful flight each time.

On that note, many private charter companies also insist on more in flight hours for their co-pilots as well. Since most of these companies are privately owned they realize the liability of putting inexperienced pilots at the helm and opt for some of the highest standards for all their pilots to ensure that they don’t have a problem. After all, their reputation is everything and if there is a problem they want to know that they have the most experienced flight staff possible to address any in flight issues. Plus since these pilots tend to fly the same aircrafts over and over they are well trained to fly these models and are familiar with every aspect of the planes that they are flying.

Safety and security are of the utmost importance when you are flying, no matter whether that be commercially or with a private charter company. Realizing that most private jet companies exceed FAA and industry standards should put your mind at ease when flying with these smaller companies.

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