Safe Flights

100% Wyvern-compliant flights

Private Jets Charter proudly supports the utmost safety procedures, guidelines and licensing. Your safety is our number one priority. As a rule we only book flights with two pilots on all flights. Private air safety is ensured by the Federal guidelines Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration aircraft certification process and is created specifically for standards jets with nine seats or less. A private airplane, along with the flight crew, is fully evaluated by government inspectors and their criteria. The list of certified and evaluated criteria are:

  • Emergency procedures and training
  • Pilot and crew certifications and proof of experience
  • Facilities
  • Record Keeping
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Flight control
  • Aircraft Components

The aircraft we book not only meet, but exceed, the requirements for Part 135. Feel free to ask the pilots to show you any documents or safety records. You are welcome to meet the pilot beforehand and ask for a personal reference, as well as verify that reference. You should feel completely at ease with communicating with the pilots and stewards throughout your flight.

All of the private aircraft we utilize are rated ARG/US and/or Wyvern-compliant, meeting the industry's highest standards. The Wyvern Standard has been set by the Wyvern Customer Advisory Board. Wyvern standards greatly exceed minimum government standards for certified aircraft hire on board private air charter operators' private aircraft. In 1991 Wyvern commenced conducting stringent audits on air charters all across the globe. Wyvern has a safety statistic only they can claim: in a 10 year time span, there were 1177 fatalities were reported on FAR Part 135 aircraft. Of those, ZERO involved Wyvern crew or aircraft.

We also offer security in addition to our safety features. For Dignitaries and VIPs, we can provide armed escorts. We also offer body guard chauffeured limousines. If jewelry or cash is a concern of yours, we provide pick-up couriers for these items. We also arrange high value commodity escorts as well as Executive Protection services. Each aircraft carries at least $350,000,000 in insurance.

Each private aircraft charter usually employs two pilots, which doubles the alertness and safety of piloting a private airplane.

When thinking about the safety of air charters, it is easy to see why the smart choice is a private airplane over commercial. Air charters also fly above turbulence, at 40,000 feet. At this height there are less aircraft in the air. In addition, smaller aircraft are easier to manoeuver than larger commercial crafts. In the case of inclement weather, a private air charter can land in smaller airports and in smaller areas, even on a highway, if need be.

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