Vacation in style

Charter for pleasure around the world

A vacation is undeniably more enjoyable when you book a private flight. Your entire party is able to travel together in a group, which means your vacation can start on the private jet flight, before even reaching your destination. Avoid airport delays and security lines, just step onto your private jet already relaxed, minutes before take-off, not hours. Your on-board private flight experience can be made even more enjoyable with food, beverages, entertainment and amenities that are totally personalized to your taste. Seating arrangements are casual, facing each other, so you and your travel party feel like you are sitting around your living room. No other passengers to inhibit your laughter or overhear your conversations. The privacy factor on a luxury jet makes for an optimal atmosphere to enjoy yourself and the people you are with. If you travel with children, the privacy of private flights is priceless, as they have more freedom to be comfortable and you do not have to worry about disturbing fellow passengers. And nothing says ‘romance’ more than a luxury jet private flight. You can bring along anything you would like on the plane, there are no restrictions, whether it be your own bottle of champagne or your favorite board game, the choice is yours. Why not start your vacation from the moment you step foot onto your private flight?

At Private Jets Charter, we routinely handle schedules for the most discerning traveler and anticipate the needs of someone used to traveling in style. We are also particularly sensitive to security issues surrounding our client’s with a high public profile. The luxury jets we book follow all safety guidelines and are the pinnacle of decadence and comfort. And we will find just the right jet for you.

Vacations are about luxury and escape from the everyday. It may cost more than some of the alternatives but the discerning traveler values the extra luxury, flexibility and quality time that come as standard with a private jet charter.

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