Executive Travel

Maximize Business Productivity

Business jet travel has become increasingly prevalent as the demand for productivity rises alongside global commerce. Business is conducted all over the world and face-to-face meetings pay for themselves threefold. Executive jet charter flights offer efficiency and convenience that makes first class seem slothful. Corporate jet travel allows the business to get their executives to the ideal location at the precise time they need to be there. The travel hours saved, in addition to the productivity whilst in-flight, can make corporate jet charter a truly viable option.

Our executive jet travel expertise means that we are able to pinpoint the exact executive jet to best suit your needs. We have access to a fleet of any size aircraft, including light jets, overseas executive jet airliners and helicopters.

By utilizing business jets, the destination options are endless, getting you closer to your meeting location. Our skilled staff can personally arrange for all ground transportation, restaurant reservations, hotels or other entertainment events.

Your business jet charter will be outfitted with the type of amenities that will make the most of your time. You may require set-ups on board for business meetings, including catering, desks, wifi and various media and a/v equipment. Possibly your executives need to recharge with some R&R, allowing them to hit the ground running, thus the on-board amenities can include quiet sleeping arrangements, massages, hairdressers or any other high end convenience.

The privacy of corporate jet travel is often cited as a determining factor. With no strangers on the plane you can prepare for, or conduct, meetings without being overheard or without concern for disturbing others. Oversized comfortable chairs that face each other, over a table, are conducive to discussion. Your business jet can be filled, without additional cost, if you wish to bring along colleagues, family or friends.

Time is money in business. Executive jet travel saves time on every level. From choosing your destination, regardless whether a major airport exists there, to scheduling flight times around your needs. No early check-ins required and no waiting in airports stuck with delayed connections. Avoid security backups, avoid airport parking shuttles and forget long hikes through winding terminals. Your corporate travel is tailored to your needs and savvy businesses take advantage of this.

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