Perhaps one of the biggest problems with commercial airline travel is the fact that someone else is in control of your entire flight experience. From how long it takes you to get through the long lines in commercial airports to what food you have access to on the plane, all is determined by someone else and the fate of your day relies on many factors that are just completely out of your control.

Corporate Jet Charter

Flying can be a wonderful experience and flying with a private jet charter company can allow you to experience the freedom of enjoying your travel day. Smaller private airports are more geared to their customers and they show this in every aspect of getting you off the ground as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a relaxing flight you can put in place many factors that will create the in flight experience of a lifetime. Where else can you choose to have your hair done, get a massage, or even a manicure while in the air? Sure first class sounds good and costs more but is really a top notch experience? Flying first class on a commercial airliner is very simply impossible and even if you have an airline that is trying hard to accommodate your needs and desires you will very quickly discover that there are just too many variables to make this a first rate experience.

Flying on a private jet will allow you to truly control your flight experience and with the foods and music you enjoy will ease any concerns you have about flying. Traveling in this way you get to pick and choose who is with you on your flight and how you spend your time. Having control over all these factors yourself, with a flight staff that is looking for your approval; you are bound to have the best travel experience of your life of your own design.

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