Best Places Around the World to Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

We took some inspiration from #SharkWeek and we are highlighting the best place to venture into the deep blue sea and get up close and personal with Great White Sharks. Did you know that Shark Week is the longest running television event? This year, 2015 marks its 28th year on the Discovery Channel. Over the last 3 decades, so much has changed in how we view sharks. In the early 1970’s Jaws instilled fear and horror in so many and made us afraid to go in the ocean. Now, the feelings seem to be based more about respect and scientific study. The overall tone has shifted from fear and loathing to understanding and conservation. If we can better understand these creatures of the deep, we can overcome the initial line of thought which will lead to the extinction of sharks. Along with this increased interest in sharks over the years, the shark dive industry has grown and is one of the premiere adventure-cations in the world. For some it is a dream and for others, their worst nightmare; but if swimming with sharks is on your bucket list, check out these top places around the world to find them including Neptune Islands in South Australia, Gansbaai, South Africa, Farallon Islands, California, and the Guadalupe Islands in Mexico. Even when it comes with the most notorious shark in the world the Great White Shark, we are still fascinated enough to dare to swim with them, with the protection of a cage, of course.

  1. Neptune Islands, South Australia

Cage Diving

Surface Cage Diving Photo Credit:

Shark Photo Bomb

Cage Diving with White Sharks Neptune Islands Photo Credit: Calypso Star Charters

Aqua Sub

Aqua Sub Cage Dive Alternative in Neptune Islands Photo Credit: Adventure Bay Charters

Neptune Islands - Map

Close up map of the Neptune Islands Photo Credit: Google Maps

Neptune Island is in South Australia and is the most well-known place for cage diving with Great White Sharks. You can hire out one of three charter companies that the National Parks of South Australia recognizes for hosting great white shark cage dives in the Neptune Islands: Adventure Bay Charters, Calypso Star Charters and Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions. They leave out of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. All of the charter companies focus on safety and a message of conservation and respect for the sharks and all marine life.

Rodney Fox was the first to invent the shark dive cage in the 1960’s. He was attacked by a shark in 1963 and it changed his life. However, instead of hating the animal that mangled him, he dedicated his life to filming and studying them and is a leading shark conservationist. Read his fascinating story here. The Calypso Star Charters have also been in Port Lincoln for a long time, their focus is on technology and comfort aboard their charters. Adventure Bay Charters were the first to have their cage dive experience eco-certified. In addition, they have invented the aqua sub, pictured above. You don’t even have to get wet to get up close and see the Great White Sharks under the water. You are guaranteed to see sharks or you can go again!

Flying into South Australia

South Australia Jet Charter

South Australia Jet Charter Photo Credit:

You can charter a private jet to fly you right into Adelaide, South Australia, which is close to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula. Click through to the link and get a quick and easy rate quote and see what types of charters and flights are available for you. Planning your shark adventure doesn’t mean you have to rough it with commercial travel. Choose and we’ll help make sure you get to where you want to go in style and relaxed.

  1. Guadalupe Islands, Mexico

Cage Diving

Cage Diving with White Sharks Photo Credit:

White Shark

Cage Diving with White Sharks Photo Credit:

Guadalupe Island Map

Guadalupe Island Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Guadalupe Islands are about 150 miles off the coast of Baja, Mexico. It is considered one of the most desirable places to dive with Great White Sharks because the waters are considerably warmer, calmer, and clearer than anywhere else in the world. The best time of the year to see White Sharks here is from August to October. There are a variety of options available. You can SCUBA dive in the cages (and out of the cage dives are also offered) or if you are not SCUBA certified, you can use the hookah air system in a cage close to the surface. There is also submersible trips. Most of the Great White Shark dive excursions are live aboard adventures where you sleep and eat on the boat with full accommodations in between dives. This maximizes your chances of seeing sharks and having multiple experiences with different sharks.

Flying to Baja, Mexico

Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter to Los Cabos International Airport Photo Credit:

The Great White Shark charters leave from Baja, Mexico, so you will want to hire out your private jet charter to get you to Los Cabos International Airport  in San Jose del Cabo. Forget the hassles of commercial air travel, a private jet charter will get you to Mexico in luxury and allow you to board, deplane and clear customs in record time. Don’t let long lines keep you away from your vacation time.

  1. Gansbaai, South Africa

Air Jaws

Air Jaws Photo Credit:

Shark Alley

Great White in Shark Alley, South Africa Photo Credit:

False Bay Map

Gansbaai, Shark Alley, and False Bay Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

South Africa is probably most well-known for Great White Shark diving and tours. As featured on Shark Week, this is the only place in the world where the Great White Sharks regularly breach and jump out of the water when hunting prey. You can witness this first hand on charter tours that combine shark diving and on board stays. Gansbaai is the port where most of the charter boats leave from. Charters are available in South Africa year round, as you can see the greats of the deep any time of the year here. From Gansbaai, the charter ships head over to False Bay to the north and out to Seal Island, which is about a 25 minute boat ride to see the Great Whites feasting on the fur seals – their favorite meal.

Flying into Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town South Africa Jet Charter

Cape Town, South Africa Private Jet Charter Photo Credit:

A private jet charter will make it so much easier to get to Cape Town, South Africa without commercial airline delays and long lines. Start your vacation out right with the luxury advantage that chartering a private jet affords you. International travel doesn’t have to be a hassle, instead it can be a very special part of your vacation. Since it’s YOUR vacation, don’t spend it at the airport. Start out your Great White Shark adventure in style by hiring a private jet charter to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town International Airport is right above False Bay, so you won’t have far to go from the airport to your boat charter in Gansbaai.

  1. Farallon Islands, California

Farallon Islands

Farallon Islands Photo Credit:

Great White Shark

Great White Shark Farallon Islands Photo Credit:

Farllon Islands Map

Farallon Islands Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Our last stop in touring the best places to dive with Great White Sharks is in Farallon Islands, California. Commonly referred to as “The Farallons”, these islands are located about 30 miles west of San Francisco. The elephant seals that live here make this one of the prime hunting grounds for some of the largest Great White Sharks in the world. The best time to see the sharks and witness this is during the late fall from September to late November. When you hire a charter to cage dive with the sharks in The Farallons, it is usually a one day charter.

Private Jet Charters to San Francisco

Private Jet Charter - San Francisco

Private Jet Charter to San Francisco Photo Credit:

Flying to San Francisco, California is simplified and amenity-filled when you choose Click through to get an instant quote on a private jet charter to San Francisco  and see how easy it is to leave the lines and the stress of commercial airlines behind. Private jet charters leave you more time to spend on your vacation with no hassle.

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