Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained On A Long Flight

Most parents struggle with whether to fly with their children or let them stay at home. Especially when you are taking a long flight with a small child it can be very taxing to keep them calm and entertained and many become both sick and frightened when it is their very first flight. And whether you are flying on a commercial airline flight with a ton of other passengers or you are on a private charter flight with just yourself and your family, fussy children can really put a damper on your trip.

The one thing that is good to do is to begin to adapt your child’s sleep schedule to have them asleep for part of the flight. Some families deliberately arrange for their private charter flight in the evening so that the little one’s will fall asleep for part of the flight and since private charter flights can allow you to lay down some opt to sleep along with their children especially in a case where a time zone change is involved. Even if you are flying commerically you may have less space to spread out but it is still advisable to try and fly late in the evening or to pick up a redeye flight if you can to allow your child to sleep. Naptime is also a good time to plan a shorter flight during.

For their awake time you may be tempted to bring some toys from home and while it may be avisable to bring an item for them that holds particular significance, you will also want to pick up some new interactive toys and books especially for the trip. You will find that newer items will hold their attention better and for longer, providing you with a little more peace during your journey.

With so many different devices available don’t count on the inflight movie to be something that will keep your child entertained. Instead, opt for a portable DVD player, IPAD, or laptop to keep your child entertained. With a set of headphones and one of their favorite shows you can buy yourself a little bit of quiet time.

Also, when you are traveling with kids make sure you bring an arsenal of snacks and something to suck on when their ears begin to pop. Pressure changes can freak out little ones so gum, suckers, and even pacifiers and baby bottles can be a big help in the air. Munchies such as cheerios and pretzels can help to keep the hands and mouths busy or can serve as a distraction for a fussy child.

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