The Good News And The Not So Good News

The good news is that the commercial airlines are showing a better than ever safety record and the bad news is that the cost of a commercial airline flight could more than double in the coming year making it potentially impossible for the average traveler to fly. Now it is certainly one thing to pay for a superior service such as a private charter flight, for instance, however it is an entirely different story to pay the jacked up prices of the commercial airline industry.

The commercial airline industry is getting out of control and since economists are projecting the cost of gasoline is going to go up during the next six months some are actually surprised that the cost of airlines tickets is already on the rise at the beginning of 2012. At some point during the next few months they will likely go up again and even perhaps one more time before the end of the year as well.

So what will become of the commercial airlines in the coming months and years? Well, it can’t be predicted for sure but it is likely that many of the lower end commercial airlines will begin to reduce the number of flights that they are offering, especially to the off the beaten path locations. This is something that many of the airlines began a few years ago and the reduction of the number of flights has become a nusiance for those who travel frequently. It has also done little to reduce the cost of a commercial airline flight.

Let’s face it the improved security measures and safety record are nice but when the cost of a commercial airline flight is close to quadruple what it was 10 years ago there is a serious problem. And with the continual rising costs in the commercial airline industry many people who are flying in a large party or with their entire company will likely select a private charter flight over a commercial airline flight in the years to come. While a private charter flight is not cheap you get what you pay for and by the time you pay for a bunch of individual airline tickets you may as well book a private flight that can get everyone to where they are going together in privacy and first class style.

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