Commercial airlines have been in the news lately time and time again and mostly from the stand point of the way in which they underpay their pilots for the important job that they do. Being that pilot error is one of the biggest factors that contribute to deaths and accidents in the commercial airline industry, it doesn’t really make sense that more attention is not paid to treating these employees in a way that is fitting of the level of responsibility that they have and paying them accordingly.

private-plane1 Of course, to hear the commercial airlines tell it they simply can’t afford to pay these professionals any more than they already do since they document that the largest portion of their profits are being eaten up by paying their employees. It is however, insane to think that a commercial airline pilot must immediately go on food stamps in order to take care of their family and keep their job. And even a bit more staggering the amount of student loans that they wind up with at the end of their training with little to no means to pay them back. Honestly, it is quite disheartening.

Airline pilots undergo a huge amount of training to do what they do and in addition to that they hold an incredible amount of responsibility. With so many commercial airlines underpaying and mistreating their employees more and more pilots and flight attendants are looking to move to the private sector where they will get treated in the way that they should and be compensated in a way that is reasonable.

Private charter flight staff are well paid very simply because it is a lucrative industry and one that prides itself on having only the best. While many will not be able to enter this industry very simply because they are not excellent enough in this competitive field, those who are exceptional and well trained and seasoned are likely to find that a job in the private sect will provide them with the money they deserve and a level of respect that will exceed anything that they have experienced to date in the commercial airline industry.

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