The cost of airline tickets is up quite a bit and for the most part people are getting fed up and are left wondering what exactly it is they are paying for. The commercial airlines are constantly cutting back on services and yet they keep raising their prices. They would like the public to believe that this is due to rising fuel costs and increased security measures but this just doesn’t add up.

Gulfstream Aircraft Jet

When you look at the cost of fuel it is significantly down from where it was a year ago and since the cost for extra security is billed separately from the actual cost of the ticket itself the extra security measures should not be a factor that increases the price of your fare. People are realizing that these things just don’t justify the rate hike and they are asking questions.

Well, it is finally being exposed where your increase in fares is going to. It is going to Washington D.C. to help the commercial airline industry lobby for the changes in the laws they need to keep doing business. This money is going to line the pockets of corrupt government officials who are willing to sell their votes to the highest bidders and if Continental the fourth largest airline spent just short of $400,000 paying lobbyists during the second quarter of 2010 alone. And when you think about how many airlines there are and think about how much money that is a year, it is truly amazing that airfare prices are as low as they are.

This is just a ton of money and absolutely none of it is doing anything to improve a passengers experience when flying commercially. As a matter of fact most of the extras on commercial flights have been completely cut out. When you look at it you are not really benefiting at all from these higher rates and this is leaving many people seeking out alternatives to commercial airline flights.

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