It is hard to believe that there is anything left to take from a commercial airline flight but they do. Now as you fly without food, are paying for every piece of luggage you transport, and may or may not be paying for use of the restroom you can also look forward to the newest in airline comfort, the less spacious seat.

airplane seats That’s right as if they have not stolen enough from airline passengers airlines are finding another way to cut back by reducing seat size. The new seat is called to Skyrider and while it is being promoted as the equivalent of riding on a saddle reviews are saying that this seat is extremely uncomfortable and cuts down on the width as well as the leg room. As a matter of fact some are equating it to being strapped to a stationary bike.

This new, miserably uncomfortable seat is designed for flights that are two hours in duration or less but honestly airlines are saying that this seat could actually be sat in for up to a four hour flight. For those who have experienced the discomfort of this seat first hand they realize that no one wants to be cramped up like that for four hours straight. They are considered the equivalent of a semi-standing seat at would allow for an additional class of flying with a much lower cost attached to flying in these seats in an attempt to open up flying as an option to those on a more limited budget.

Essentially the thought is that these seats could increase the number of passengers on a flight and decrease the cost to some customers who are willing to sacrifice private jet comfort for a cheaper fare. And while there have been many concerns raised about the safety of these seats they do seem to meet all FAA standards for safety and do not seem at this time to pose any additional risks to passengers. Of course only time will tell but if airlines have their way you will find them installing these new seats as early as next year in hopes to attract more business and fit more passengers on each flight.

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