It is incredible to think because when you first mention the private charter industry to people one of the very first things they tend to question is the safety of these flights. This is perhaps very intriguing because you very rarely hear anyone question safety when it comes to commercial airliners and yet they tend to have many more accidents, crashes, and emergency landings then private jets do.

safety-check One reason why many people seem to think of safety when it comes to flying on a private charter flight is very simply because the vessel is smaller so they assume that they are a more risk. The truth is small or large won’t matter if you go plummeting to the ground, which is something that really doesn’t occur often.

Smaller jets and private charter pilots actually are safer for a variety of reasons. To begin with pilots and co-pilots in the private charter industry both have the same amount of training and therefore they are likely to both be equally as capable to handle an emergency. On a commercial airliner the pilot must be better trained but the co-pilot can be on board to assist without the same amount of flight experience.

The private charter industry also has the same pilots flying the same aircraft over and over and this allows them to become not only familiar but more comfortable flying their designated aircraft. This is similar to how you feel when you are driving your own vehicle vs. driving someone else’s. Let’s face it yours just fits better.

Most important to consider is that both types of flights are governed by the FAA. The private charter companies tend to exceed industry standards while the commercial airlines tend to simply meet them. Private charter companies have a lot more riding on their reputation than those in the commercial airline industry do.

Private charter flights are much safer than commercial airline flights very simply because their pilots are more comfortable, higher paid, more well rested, and happier while on the job. This helps to ensure your safety on a private charter flight. If anything your concerns should lie with flying with the commercial airline industry and not with flying with the private charter industry. Private charter companies always make your safety their number one priority after all their reputation relies on you not only being satisfied by in pulling off flight after flight without a hitch. One problem will quickly take their reputation down and that is something that no private charter company can afford to have happen.

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