Customer service based companies are always boasting about their ability to give you what you want your way but even if you use the best travel agent in the entire world you will probably find that there is very little you can do to get commercial airline travel to go your way. It just isn’t something that is in their business plan so to speak.

Sure they would tell you that they couldn’t possibly accommodate everyone’s needs and still keep their fares so low but the truth it that from a business perspective if they lowered fares and increased the number of flights they were offering each day they would probably be making more money than they are right now. The truth is the airline industry is suffering and it is of their own doing that they are not making the mark financially.

They have pulled the customer service out of their businesses entirely and now have a no nonsense attitude about providing flights for people that most individuals feel is just cold and uncaring. They don’t care about your problems on an individual level and on a whole are just there to provide you a plane and pilot to get you off the ground and to your destination. They are not going to bend for you and your needs and this they make pretty clear from the initial phone call to place your reservation to the time you land this is the common thread throughout.

It is surprising that airlines have not begun to use we don’t care as their motto or you can’t have it your way or something to that effect merely because this is definitely the underlying thought of their business. And surely it couldn’t really cost them that much more to hire on some people with a little bit of personality and some caring. But they shy away from those individuals and tend to choose those that are not likely to bend under pressure of unruly passengers or special requests and don’t think that they are not selected on purpose because they most definitely are.

Those in a hurry because of a family emergency are going to pay a lot more and they are still probably going to have to transfer three or four times as far as they should have to in order to get to their destination. There will be wait times, layovers, and maybe even a lost bag or two during the process but eventually without fail you will get to your destination.

The commercial airlines and government officials will tell you that air travel is on a decline because of the economy and security threats when in reality the reason that air travel is on the decline is because the commercial airline industry is as well. If these companies would bring back the customer service and increase the number of daily flights they would quickly see some new interest emerge in commercial airline flights across the board. But no worries, there is no intention on behalf of the commercial airlines to do any such thing.

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