It seems that just about every time you see Paris Hilton, her and her adorable little doggie are hopping on a private jet and flying off to destinations unknown. Well, whether you are in search of a flight within the domestic U.S. or are hopping on board a flight to Paris, France if you are flying with your pet on a commercial airline flight then you probably have your little cuddly one in a box instead of in your arms.

Commercial airlines not only charge for you to take your pet on board a flight but they have many restrictions about taking the pet on board. To begin with, hopefully your doggie is no bigger than Paris’ little baby because the crate that they allow you to take your little on is very tiny, to the tune of a hard sided carrier no larger than 17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches or a soft sided carrier no larger than 18 x 11 x 11. Even just a half inch larger and the airline will not accept it and your pet must be able to stand up an turn within the kennel otherwise they will not clear through customer service.

Even if you don’t wish to carry your pet on the plane or if they are simply to large to stow under the seat as you travel you may consider paying a small fee and permitting your pet to be stowed away with baggage. This is not only very traumatic on pets but can also be deadly. Since most pets get nervous especially on longer flights many people opt to offer some sort of tranquilizer to their pet but even then when pets are stowed in the baggage compartments and flights are delayed especially in the extreme hot and cold weather this can present significant danger to pets in the baggage compartment below the plane especially on international flights and of course just as with any flight you can become separated from your baggage or in this case your pet for many hours, even days.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be a pet owner that loves their doggy or kitty as a matter of fact most pet owners consider their pets an integral part of their family. If you are one such animal lover then do yourself and your pet a favor, either book a private jet charter or leave your pet at home. Commercial airline flights are very simply not safe for little creature travelers.

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