Sure you can buy a first class ticket on a commercial airliner if you are looking for more comfort in the air and perhaps this will allow you a little more breathing room and some more leg space. The compartment will be a little quieter, unless of course someone really annoying is seated next to you, someone who doesn’t understand the first class experience or very simply believes that if they can afford to fly first class then they are entitled to do whatever it is they want to. Unfortunately, more times than not this is the first class experience and while it is a definite upgrade from riding in coach, it is still less than first class by any definition.

It seems in the current state of the world people seem to have less respect not only for themselves but for others as well and as a result travel can be really difficult because people just don’t seem to have any consideration or courtesy left. They merely focus on themselves and they don’t seem to care much about how they are affecting those around them.

For those that enjoy travel this has become a real headache and a literal one. When you are forced to spend the day interacting with those who care about no one but themselves your blood pressure rises and you become more tired and stress and that is no way to begin a vacation or even a business trip. And when you consider that many people medicate to fly already and others become extremely unnerved by the process it is easy to see how this mix doesn’t really add up to good news for travelers.

Even the flight staff doesn’t feel empowered in the air and there is little that they can do with a person who is inconsiderate or unruly once they are in the air and unfortunately all the passengers know this. And so it becomes a game of tolerating each other in the air without generating conflict, which has the potential to escalate in the air causing further problems for everyone.

There is a better way to fly and one that cannot only make you love to fly all over again but one that will really allow you to enjoy your flight in the peace and comfort you deserve. Now you may be thinking that there is just no way this is possible but with a private jet charter service it truly is. And not only the rich and famous are using private jet services either but many people who are just fed up with commercial airline travel.

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