Many people treat their pets as valued members of the family. They wouldn’t dream of leaving their cat, dog, bunny rabbit, or even cobra home alone while the entire family enjoys a fun beach vacation or visit to international relatives. They want the peace of mind in knowing that their pet is getting the very best treatment and no kennel or even pet sitter seems to be good enough.

Flights can accommodate small pets, but the commercial airlines treat most pets like luggage and in many instances this has resulted in heartbreak for pet owners who think that they are doing Fido a favor by taking him with on the flight only to find out that he became ill due to the mishandling, cold temperatures, or in some cases even just general mistreatment of the animals. You see commercial airlines can barely manage handling your luggage and have no formalized training in handling of animals in this type of situation.

Sure they carry the cage away nicely and put all the correct labels and such on it. They seem loving enough but at best this is a very frightening process for your pet and at worst it can be deadly. Due to the trauma inflicted upon pets that are forced to travel in the baggage compartment, most vets recommend having the animal tranquilized to help keep them calm but some say this puts a pet in more danger if trauma occurs.

Some pets that can fit in a tiny carrier can be stowed under your seat and this helps to prevent mishandling issues and allows the pet owner to at the very least talk to the pet and calm him or her and even occasionally stick a comforting finger in to give them a little pat on the nose or back. Pressure changes and noises can overwhelm a pet but when combined with being stowed in a tiny cage with no food or water, it is not surprising that this is a very traumatic experience.

Honestly, one of the only ways for your pet to fly comfortably is on a private jet charter. A private charter service will allow you to bring your pet on board and keep them comfortable. In most cases they will not require that your pet stay in a cage but rather that they perch comfortably on your lap where you can reassure them. For true pet lovers there is no other way to travel other than on a private jet with their entire family on board and their favorite little one nestled up against them for the entire flight.

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