Traveling used to be so much fun. You could very simply hop a flight to your destination and be there within just a few short hours. Most flights were direct or close to it and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. There was a friendly staff in place to meet your needs and you found that no matter what your request you were greeted with a big smile by someone who was thrilled to be there accommodating you.

Well, if this seems like a blast from the past that is probably because the commercial airline industry has long since adopted many new policies which may be benefiting their business but have done nothing short of destroy the customer/client experience. It is sad to see how this industry has deteriorated.

Most times when issues about the shortcomings of the commercial airline industry come to the table they are dismissed as necessary adaptations that have had to be made since September 11, 2001 or mainstream affects of the increase security. Very simply these are excuses and ones that don’t make a whole lot of sense when you look at the big picture.

Now this is not to negate the need for better security since the increased risk of terrorist attacks, however in just about all cases this additional security is charged by and added on by the airport itself and not the actual airlines who are charging you to fly. And while this may definitely have a slight increase in the cost of your airfare you will probably find that this fact has nothing to do with the limited number of flights and increased number of transfers that it takes just to get to some of the biggest airports in the world and has nothing to do with why their staff can no longer be pleasant, nice, and even accommodating their passengers. Instead everyone is now treated as if they are a terrorist which is just silly.

While the airlines may be using many excuses to justify their poor service and bad performance ratings in essence there very simply is no excuse. Flying commercially just isn’t what it used to be and if something isn’t done soon there will be even less commercial airlines to choose from which eventually could lead to a complete collapse of the industry. It may seem unlikely but the decrease in their level of service has already contributed to the loss of several commercial carriers and lessened the availability of flights. Changes need to be made in the industry before it is too late.

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