Executive Private Jet Travel: Necessity or Luxury?

Many businesses are working hard to dispel the image of private jet charters as a lavish luxury, instead insisting that they are a necessary business tool.  While private jet travel is indeed more luxurious than flying commercial, business travelers often don’t have an option.  For business travel, time is money and every minute counts.  And in the business world efficiency and convenience rule the day.  Private charter for business has become so much of a necessity among some companies that it’s the last thing they want to cut when whittling budgets.  While there is a cost bump over commercial flights, the advantages for business jet charters are extensive.

Private Jets Charter Executive Plane Private Jets Charter Executive Interior

Time Savings and Convenience

Flying out of busy hub airports can be avoided by requesting a departure from a small local airport.  Smaller airports usually have free secured parking and boarding is quick and painless.  The captain does have the right to search bags, but there are no long security lines with scanning machines, no emptying of pockets or removal of belts and clothing.  And because luggage loads when passengers board, there is no concern that bags will end up at another destination.  Passengers are not limited to small containers of liquid and there are no restrictions on what can be brought aboard as long as it fits and can be stowed safely.   Because departure time is scheduled by the passengers and not the charter company, the plane will wait if passengers are delayed.  And it’s a sure bet that the flight will leave on time unless there is an airport issue, which is rare from small airports. These alone save hours that would otherwise be lost.


Executive privacy and security is often an issue, and flying in and out of smaller terminals allows the passenger to get in and out of a location without being noticed.  Private jets don’t have markings that are identifiable with businesses and are securely parked and constantly monitored when not in flight.  Bug sweeping can be handled in mere minutes to assure passengers their business matters will remain confidential and secure.

Mobile Office

There is no wasted time on private jets when compared to commercial carriers.  Today’s jets allow business to be conducted during the flight just like it would be in an office.  Flight time can be used for meetings or strategy sessions, and phone calls can be made without concern for privacy, nearly impossible on commercial flights.  The advent of WiFi allows high speed internet and email service, and satellite access offers a wide array of real time entertainment services such as TV, radio, sports and news.

Private Jets Charter Executive Interior 2 Private Jets Charter Executive Gulfstream Full

Yes, Luxury

It is true, it’s more luxurious.  Private jets are very well appointed with leather seating, plenty of legroom and sophisticated cabin entertainment systems controllable from each seat.  Seating is configured so passengers can face each, and nothing is soiled, worn or torn.  But with that said, private jets have only a few passengers per day while a commercial plane may have a few thousand each day.  It is easier to maintain a private jet cabin because they don’t get as much traffic.  And bad airplane food is nonexistent because the charter company caters according to passenger special food requests.

There are other advantages as well, including savings from hotel charges and overnight meals because frequently the executive traveler can be back at home on the same day.  Plus, the flight is 100% tax deductible as a business expense.  The point that business travelers are making is that yes, the planes are more opulent, but that’s the nature of the plane and not the purpose of the trip.  The time saved is the most important.  And that is why private charters are growing at such a rapid pace.  At Private Jets Charter we’ve seen our corporate charter bookings continue to grow year after year, even in today’s questionable economy.  Let us give you a quote for your next business trip.

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