It seems like the only time you hear anything about the commercial airline industry it has to do with what they are taking out of their services or how they are cutting back and reducing their expenses. It can be difficult to understand why it is that companies that are only paying their pilots $20,000 a year are still having to make cutbacks as this doesn’t even seem to make sense.

large-jet Many have said that the airline industry is just one of many in the United States and other countries that has more to do with politics then commercial air transport. It is rumored that the making or losing of money has more to do with how much they are paying lobbyists to fight rules and regulations then it actually has to do with the cost of a flight versus the amount they are being paid to run it and this could very well be why it doesn’t seem to make any sense to us lay people. After all, we really don’t have a clue as to what they are doing with their money but all we can be sure of is that it isn’t going to pay that guy who is piloting the flight we are on.

Ultimately the commercial airlines used to put an emphasis on the customer and used to take care of their employees. Now we are in a dying industry where each day the services offered and the number of flights is on the decline and the prices are on the rise. Surely, something needs to be done about this because it really looks as if the industry is going to go under at some point in time and this could mean that many people are grounded because if you can’t afford a private charter flight or to keep your own plane then you may find that driving and water transport may be your only options. While these are not bad alternatives they don’t work well when you need to travel great distances on a moments notice or in a very short period of time.

All in all, consumers should keep an eye on the commercial airlines and take care to try and shop with them only when necessary. When you book a flight you never really know what you are getting from them no matter which airline you book with. After all, you could arrive and find out that your flight has been cancelled or worse yet that your airline has gone under completely.

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