By far one of the most difficult things about traveling is not just what occurs while you are in the air but also the difficulty in getting through the airports and getting to your destination when you are on the ground. The truth is that dealing with the commercial airlines wasn’t so bad when they used to offer many direct flight options. Now in an attempt to save money, however, airlines are putting in as many as three stops per domestic flight and many require not only the extra time of stopping at an additional location but also include having to get off and then re-board on a different aircraft. This can leave you schlepping though unfamiliar airports trying to make a flight that may be located at a gate on the other side of the terminal.

airport This can not only be time consuming but extremely frustrating because when things don’t run on time you may wind up having to run through the airport and get through security once again in hopes that you will arrive at your flight in time to board. Another major complication of switching flights numerous times is the fact that your baggage may be lost in the process which can leave you hanging for a day or two without your possessions. When you are returning home this isn’t so bad but when you arrive at your destination without so much as even a toothbrush this can be a real drag.

The airport selections are also limited and this means that you may be heading to a town that is an hour or more from the airport that you will be flying into and this can result in the need to take a car and drive several hours to your destination. This not only increases your travel day but also makes for an additional headache as you must reserve a vehicle in addition to making your flight arrangements.

Many people are choosing private jet flights very simply because they allow them to fly directly into their destination of choice and also the airport that is closest to their final destination. These little conveniences can add up to a big time savings that can allow you more time to enjoy your destination and allow you to arrive relaxed and feeling good. And of course, that makes this service priceless.

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