Now like most people you are probably thinking charter jets are just something that the rich and famous use to get around in. After all, it seems like the only time you hear about private jet charters it is someone really important.

With the current state of the airline industry, flying private jets around isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore. As a matter of fact many businesses are choosing to offer this travel luxury to their clients as well as their employees, sighting it as a necessary expense for their business.

Let’s face it flying commercially has always been somewhat of a hassle. Wait, wait and wait some more. These days however, it seems that there is much less customer service than their ever was before and many more delays and hassles have filled in the gap. Now a two hour flight to your destination has become an all day event, and only one day if you are lucky enough not to have any cancellations or weather issues. The bottom line is that it has just become a very time consuming hassle to fly commercially.

Perhaps the worst part about the time that is taken up flying commercially is the fact that you can’t do anything with that time. There is too much noise in the airport and on the plane to get anything done. Even if you get lucky enough to get some quiet time you still don’t have the room to do anything, and resting may seem like an option but even the heaviest of sleepers tends to awaken to a stiff neck and body. It is just one wasted day getting to your destination and another wasted getting back.

Most companies find that the cost of a private charter jet for business meetings and other necessary business travel is an expense that is offset by the level of productivity of their employees on a travel day. Less travel time means less wasted time and even the time spent in the air can be used to sleep comfortably or work more effectively.

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