Commercial airline travel used to be very customer centered but over the years it has really become all about what the airlines need and want from you. They select when you can fly and to what destinations throughout the world and over time you may find that it takes several transfers and flying hundreds of miles out of your way to get where you are going. This can really make traveling anything less than fun.

jet-service When you have the ability to fly on a private charter flight it is much more customer service based and when and where you fly is not dictated solely by what works for the company that you are dealing with but actually has a great deal to do with what you want and need for your travel day. It is an extremely customer service based industry and one that very often takes travelers off guard very simply because passengers are not used to making all the decisions about their travel and in flight experience themselves.

During this process customers will be asked a series of questions in order to help the customer service representative come up with exactly the flight experience that you are looking for. As a result many people think that they need to know about what type of plane, etc they will need. In fact, the customer service representative will be able to determine most of these extras for you however you may want to know which airport is most convenient to the actual location you will be staying in. Many customers are automatically drawn toward those larger airports that are usually dictated by the commercial airlines and most are pleasantly surprised to learn that with a private charter flight that they can travel through smaller airports more simply and get closer to their chosen destination in less time.

There are of course many perks to flying on a private charter flight and only one is the location of the airports in relationship to where you really want to go. Understanding that this industry is designed with you in mind can really help to put your mind at ease and help you to make those travel arrangements that best serve you and not the airline you are flying with. Finally, there is a place you can go to get some real customer service and have travel days that are full of fun, excitement, and little hassles.

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