Many people want to blame the commercial airlines for the many service issues that come about but it seems that a large majority of these issues are caused by the layout and design of the larger commercial airports in the major cities throughout the world. This problem of design can make it difficult if not impossible to make it to a flight on time without arriving at the airport several hours before your scheduled flight.

Private Jet Airport Traveling through the airports can be so difficult that many jet charter airport staff members have to use public modes of transportation to get through them. It can be a very time consuming process and one that can leave many a traveler missing a flight just by taking one wrong turn. Some airports even require you to take shuttle transportation to terminals, car rental counters, and to different airlines baggage claims. This just further complicates the system.

Perhaps it is not the failure of the commercial airlines but the architects themselves who make these buildings ever so complicated and the process extremely difficult. Doesn’t it seem like there are better ways to create a more effective airport design allowing customers to enter through different entrances that are more spaced out at different points in the airport and letting people know where there flights will be departing from in advance to help with the traffic flow?

It does really make sense that airport design failures are creating many of the problems within the commercial airline system and that redesigning the layout of these structures to better allow passengers to flow through the terminals would alleviate many of the hassles that we all incur within the industry. If you think about it this could be the reason for more people choosing private jet charters for their travel, since they can travel out of smaller airports making this form of travel a lot less complicated.

Commercial airport design is one of the key factors that make a travel day so intense and if you have charter flights that include changing planes then you not only have to manage two commercial airports but three or four throughout a travel day and each one has its own layout which just adds to the confusion. No matter where you travel from or to you must admit that airport layout designs could a bit more customer friendly to help ease people through the process of commercial airline travel. Overall this would make for easier travel days and more people flying commercial airlines and leaving happy.

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