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Finally a Triple Crown Winner?

Private Jet to Belmont Stakes We at Private Jets Charter have seen recent bookings soar for the upcoming Belmont Stakes.  The eyes of horse racing fans everywhere will be focused on the village of Elmont, NY this Saturday, June 9th in hopes of seeing history being made.  The last leg of the Triple Crown will be run as the Belmont Stakes gets underway.  Belmont Park is getting special attention this year because ... Read more
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Is Gold a Good Idea?

Investing in gold can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, depending on how you go about it.  Because of its nature as a commodity, and because of its relative scarcity, it can generally be considered a good investment.  But it is recommended that you contact an advisor before purchasing a single ounce.   Gold’s value as a profit earning venture is highly dependent on many factors, including not ... Read more
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