Super Medium Jet

Which Super Medium Jet Should I Choose?

When it comes to Super Medium Jets there are many different ones to choose from but when you are selecting to fly via a private jet charter you are already choosing a superior travel experience and one that can offer you many benefits along the way. Travel can be tiresome and when you need to transport employees or even clients to and fro you want to make sure that you are providing them with a superior flight experience and one that serves as a worthy representation of your business.

Nothing will impress clients and employees more than being transported in a Super Medium Jet as it is one that will offer plenty of leg room, a wonderfully spacious cabin, and many other features that will allow them to kick back and enjoy the ride. Many companies use private charter flights in order to impress companies with the successfulness of their company and others simply find that transporting clients and employees in this way affords them more productivity and a better end result from their business travel.

Super Medium Jets are those that offer seating for approximately 7-9 passengers and offer a faster mode of transport as they can travel up to 525 mph in many cases. These aircrafts can on average travel up to a range of 3600 miles, which makes them very useful in business and corporate travel situations. As a matter of fact this class is one that is preferred by those who organize business travel because it offers them flexibility and a cabin that is spacious, luxurious, and roomy enough to work or rest, dine or sleep as they travel to their destination.

In this category the Hawker 1000 has quite a bit to offer with its full lavatory and partial galley it offers quite a bit of room for up to 8passengers. It is a sleeker looking jet and it is one model that most executives like because it provides a relaxed setting in an impressive looking exterior. This model Super Medium Jet offers travelers a setting that makes it ideal for corporate travel and with a range of up to 3411 miles and a cabin size of almost 6 feet high it is one that makes travelers feel right at home.

A look at Super Medium Jets would not be complete without looking at the Citation X. As perfect for a family holiday as it is for business travel the Citation X offers seating for up to 8 and a room interior that compares with that of the Hawker 1000 in contrast however, the Citation X has a slightly larger range and offers a full galley which take up very little room but offers a little more for those travelers who will be dining aboard their flight. With 82 cubic ft of storage, everyone will be able to take along everything they will need for their holiday or business trip.

The Falcon 2000 and the Falcon 50 Series are both very popular Super Medium Jets and while the Falcon 50 and the Falcon 2000 offer many of the same features such as a full lavatory and galley but the Falcon 2000 has a bit more room and seating for one more additional person plus some additional baggage space. Since both aircraft have about the same range the biggest difference to consider is how much space you will need for your passengers and your baggage when trying to discern between these two jets.

The Gulfstream G200 is a Super Medium Jet with a lot of pluses. This aircraft offers quite a bit of baggage room as well as a range of 4077 miles and its hefty cabin is one that offers a full galley for meal preparation and a full lavatory plus an extra in cabin work space making it ideal for business travel. It can seat up to 9 passengers and offers a very long cabin that is 25 feet long and over 6 feet in height allowing passengers to mover around comfortably during their journey. Baggage space is not limited and with quite a bit of extra space you will likely find that 150 cubic feet is plenty of room to carry baggage for 9 with ease, even for those that tend to pack a little on the heavy side.

The Challenger 300 is another popular executive style jet in the Super Mid Size range and offers many wonderful features such as a wider cabin, a digital sound system built in, as well as a full galley, private lavatory, and standing room. The challenger is an excellent jet for long distance travel and even works well for transcontinental journeys as well and boasts a record 3500 mile range one of the top aircrafts in this class. Most love the roomy cabin and enjoy the layout of this unique charter jet that serves well for both business travel and leisure time travel as well.

Once you begin flying on private jet charter flights you will never again wish to fly commercially. This superior service and impeccable aircraft make this industry one of the fastest growing in the world. Simplify your travel days and consider booking a private charter flight. You won’t be disappointed.

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