Private Charter Turbo Props Offer Luxury and Convenience

King Air Turbo Prop For shorter trips by air, book private aircraft such as charter turbo props for cost efficiency and comfort. These lightweight private aircraft use twin propellers in combination with a quiet turbine engine to fly. They are conservative in their use of fuel, making them also a cost benefit to the user. The turbo props will hold 6 to 8 passengers in comfortable accommodations, with hot and cold refreshment storage, heat and air conditioning in the cabin, and in flight baggage accessibility. Larger turbo prop private aircraft will accommodate 12 to 29 passengers in similar comfort.

Turbo props are ideal for short and mid-range flights, covering a nonstop range of about 1,000 miles at about 300 mph. Flight crews are experienced, and all pilots have 3,500 to 5,000 hours of flight time. All charter aircraft meet or exceed commercial flight requirements and insurance coverage. These charter turbo props can fly to over 5,000 airports, compared with about 550 available to a commercial carrier or personal jet, so you can reach more places, and operate closer to your destination. Aircraft are pressurized for smooth flying and comfort of passengers.

King Air Turbo Prop Interior When you use a private aircraft charter turbo prop, you receive full luxury service, safety, security, and convenience. You are assured of the best prices possible because you are working with the most complete personal jet charter brokerage company. There are several turbo props you can charter:

  • --The King Air C90B is a private turbo prop jet that is ideal for short trips. It offers comfortable seating for 4 passengers, and is capable of flying into large cities and remote airports where other jets cannot land. This smaller jet can carry up to 7 people.
  • --The King Air B200 is a turbine airplane, considered to be the workhorse of the skies. It carries up to 2,440 pounds, yet can land where many jets cannot. An exclusive "vertical oval" design gives passengers larger head and shoulder room in the cabin, where there is seating for 6. This jet can carry up to 9 people, and has a private aft lavatory..
  • --The executive luxury jet is the King Air 350 turbo prop. It is an economical yet flexible private aircraft, that has a longer range, higher cruising speed, and more amenities than other aircraft. Up to 8 or 9 passengers travel in double club leather covered seats, with reading lights and air vents. There are polarized window shades, retractable worktables, and an aft private lavatory.

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