Private Charter Helicopters For Quick Tours

Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter You don't have to own a helicopter to enjoy quick tours for special occasions or to impress your important valued client. Use private charter helicopters from the largest broker of private jets and helicopters for hire, and enjoy flying whenever you need or want, with the full luxury, convenience, and service of an aircraft owner.

All charter helicopters have pressurized cabins, to allow smooth flying even in inclement weather. Private charter helicopters offer you more advantages and convenience for your booking than regular commercial flights, and they can get you closer into and out of your destination than you could by using commercial carriers and their airports. These aircraft can access over 5,000 airports nationwide, compared to the 550 that commercial carriers can use.

You can fly anytime you want, wherever you want, with as little as four hours notice. Private charter helicopters are extremely accessible, hold 4 to 6 passengers, and have a non-stop range of about 500 miles. Fast off the ground, and agile in the air, jet helicopters travel at speeds of 150-194 miles per hour. Choose the model that best suits your trip, the Agusta 109C, Bell Jet Ranger, Bell Long Ranger, or MD 902 helicopters.

Bell Long Ranger Chopper For short trips, with refreshment center, heating and air conditioning, consider using the Agusta 109C twin engine multi-blade rotor helicopter that will seat 6 passengers. Smaller groups up to 4 people will enjoy the single turbine engine Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. For 6 passengers, choose the single turbine engine Bell Long Ranger, or the MD 902 with twin engine performance and no tail rotor for extra quiet rides.

All flights meet FAA standards for safety and security, and are operated by Part 135 carriers. Standard safety and security measures are the same as for commercial carriers. Your pilots are required to have at least 3,500 to 5,000 flight time hours, and all aircraft are fully insured. There are charter private helicopters for small groups, and larger jets are available to charter for big groups.

For that extra special personal occasion, quick personal or business tours, or your important business meeting transportation, this time choose private charter helicopter transportation instead of commercial flights. Enjoy added convenience, save time, and have a lot more fun by living like you own it!

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