Private Charter Flights on Medium Jets for Versatility

Hawker 800 Medium Jet Private charters of medium jets offers you versatility. The medium size and range jets have all the luxury and comfort of larger jets, with the agility of the small jets. These sleek beauties carry 7 to 9 passengers, travel at average cruising speeds from 510 to 590 mpg, and have a nonstop distance range of up to 2,100 miles. You have all the conveniences of luxury private jets, with leather seats, on board lavatory, retractable worktables, and access to your baggage in flight if needed.

From the moment you enter the stand up cabins, you feel at home in a club like atmosphere, with plenty of seating room, and spectacular views while flying. Jets are from the best manufacturers, including Astra, Citation, Falcon, Hawker, and Learjet. You have all the safety features, and security you expect from a commercial carrier, but the privacy and relaxation only provided by these private charter medium jets.

Pilots must have completed 3,500 to 5,000 hours of flight time prior to taking control of these charter jets, and commercial safety checks and passenger identification checks are followed for extra security. The engines are quiet for a smooth flight. With private charter medium jets, you also have the advantages of being able to use over 5,000 airports, instead of being limited to the 550 that commercial carriers need to use. You can take off and land closer to your destinations, and return closer to home. This saves time, and adds to cost effectiveness.

Hawker 800 Interior For smaller business meetings, private charter medium jets are a good solution. You have luxurious accommodations, in-flight hot and cold refreshment centers, ample work space, and you save time in travel. Travel by private charter is simpler and easier than travel by commercial carriers. You have less commuting time to and from airports, and no crowds to deal with when you use a private charter jet or helicopter.

For trips that require a few more passengers, and longer distance travel, consider private charter medium jets for cost cutting, luxurious travel comfort, and higher convenience levels than you will find with commercial carriers. With more companies paying attention to their cost cutting efforts, private charter jets will be in demand for their versatility and cost effectiveness.

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