Medium Jet

A Variety Of Medium Jets To Choose From

Selecting a private jet charter service for all of your travel needs is a life-changing experience. When you travel a lot you want to enjoy and appreciate your time in the air and on the ground and this can be so much more easily accomplished when you fly using a private jet charter. No matter what size party you are traveling with or where you are traveling to there is always an aircraft of your choosing waiting to whisk you off to your desired destination. Within only a few short hours of placing your phone call you will find that particular aircraft waiting for you on the runway of your choice. It most definitely is the only way to fly.

If you are selecting a plane from the medium jet class then you are very likely traveling with a few individuals for business or pleasure and will probably at the very least be spending a few hours in the air because these vessels are designed to go quite a long way without needing to refuel. The majority of medium jets can travel between 2200 and 2800 miles at a time without needing to stop and this can help you make excellent time to your destination of choice. Most medium jets hold between 6-9 passengers comfortably and travel at higher speeds some reaching up to 560 mph again helping to simplify travel and make it as expedient as possible.

When it comes to selecting a medium jet for your private charter needs you will find that this class offers you quite a selection of aircrafts to choose from and whether you select the Citation Excel/XLS, the Lear Jet 60, or the Hawker 700 you are likely to be thrilled with your overall experience. Medium jets offer a smooth, low impact, low noise experience that is truly appreciated by those looking to conduct business in the air.

Within the medium jet class there are 5 Citation medium jets that are quite popular. These are the Citation Sovereign, the Citation Excel/XLS, and the Citation III, Citation VI, and Citation VII which tend to be grouped together because of their extreme similarities. The Cessna Citation III/VI/VII are some of the most popular private jets in the world and when it comes to providing the utmost in customer satisfaction nary a customer is ever disappointed by selecting one of these three aircrafts. Very similar in styling most people find that flying a Cessna is the only way to travel and the III has quite a few more customized options while VI offers a little more of a standard package, and the Citation VII models offer a little more by way of engine power. Each of these Citations offer an estimated travel range of a little over 2,000 miles and include a very luxurious cabin and enclosed lavatory facility. The stylish leather interiors offer an excellent configuration allowing for fold down tables to be put in place for dining or to create a meeting space but to be also tucked away to help create a good deal more leg room and they each offer a partial galley which allows for the preparation of small snacks and such during your flight. The Citation Sovereign and Excel/XLS offer many of the same perks as the Citation III/VI/VII but have slightly different cabin layouts and dimensions.

When talking about mid-sized jets you have to include a section on the Hawker 700 and the Hawker 800/XP. Each of these jets has a lot to offer someone looking to get in some serious travel hours. The Hawker 700 is one of the most popular jets in its class for a number of reasons and one being its size. This aircraft can carry up to 8 passengers with ease and yet still offers quite a bit of the extras offered by others in its class. If you are looking for nice relaxed and comfortable seating with plenty of leg room then you are likely to be attracted to this vessel right away and although it is not quite bit enough for inter-continental travel it is the perfect size for domestic travel and comfortable enough to spend hours in without going stir crazy. And if you need to travel a little bit farther than the Hawker 700’s 2,000 miles then you may want to consider choosing the Hawker 800/XP instead as it offers all the benefits of the Hawker 700 but can travel up to 2,800 miles without having to stop.

By far one of the most popular brands of midsize jets is the Lear Jet. In this class you can select from the Learjet 45/XR, the Learjet 55, or the Learjet 60. Each of these aircraft have quite a bit to offer passengers including high speeds, seamless flight experiences, and of course all the comfort and luxury that you would expect from a private jet charter.

When it comes to selecting the Medium Jet that will best meet your needs it is important to consider how far you will be traveling and how much cabin space you need. These two factors alone can make or break your charter experience. Selecting the right aircraft for your travel needs is one of the most important aspects of your travel which is why there is such an emphasis put on customer service representatives to get to know the needs of the customer to help better direct them to the flight experience that will best suit them.

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