Learjet 40

Learjet 40 Private Jet

Learjet 40 (LJ40) is a light business jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace.

The Learjet 40 originated from the Learjet 45, but has a shorter fuselage (by 24.5 inches/60 cm), and is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-20AR engines. These are known as the "AR" engines. The 40 model replaces the discontinued light Learjet 31a in the Learjet model line, with a number of performance and comfort improvements taken from the 45 model.

The prototype aircraft, a rebuilt Model 45, had its maiden flight on August 31, 2002, and the first production aircraft had its first flight on September 5, 2002. Both flights took off from the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. The LJ40 entered into service in January, 2004.

The Learjet 40XR is an upgraded version introduced in October, 2004, offering increased takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds and faster time-to-climb rates as compared to the LJ40. The improvements are due to the upgrading of the engines to the TFE731-20BR configuration. These are the "BR" engines. LJ40 owners can upgrade their aircraft through the incorporation of several service bulletins.

Learjet 40 Details

General Info

Category Light Executive Jet
Crew 2 (minimum)
Passengers 7
Top Speed 865kmh 464kts
Range 3,156 km 1,692NM
URL http://www.bombardier.com/en
Powerplants Two Honeywell TFE731-20AR or -20BR in the Lear 40XR turbofan engines, 3500 lbs (15.56 kN) each

Dimensions (External)

Wingspan 14.56m 47ft. 9in.
Wing area 28.95m² 311.6ft.²
Length 16.93m 55.56ft.
Height 4.31m 14.13ft.

Dimensions (Internal) Cabin

Length 6.02m 19.75ft.
Width 1.55m 5.1ft.
Height 1.5m 4.9ft.


Max Payload 1,047kgs. 2,305lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight 9,545kgs. 21,000lbs.
Usable Fuel 451kgs. 993lbs.
Max Landing Weight 8,727kgs. 19,200lbs.
Max Payload 1,047kgs. 2,305lbs.


Range 1,692kms 1,692nm
Max Operating Altitude 15,540m 51,000ft.
Balanced Field Length 1,306m 4,285ft.
Landing Distance (Factored) 1,354m 4,442ft.


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Learjet 40 Interior :

Interior of the Learjet 40 Private Jet

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Layout of a Learjet 40 Private Jet
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