King Air 90 Private Jet

King Air 90

When you need to charter a private jet, the King Air 90 is an attractive choice. Its beautiful, luxurious cabin provides a great place to hold a business meeting, or to simply unwind as you travel to your business destination. With seating for up to six adults, the King Air 90 offers a private travel setting with plenty of room to move around. Its partial lavatory is perfect for staying comfortable on long flights. This Turbo Prop aircraft has a flight range of 1,280 nautical miles, so no matter where you need to go, chances are we can get you there without unnecessary stops or delays.

Our business jet travel services are the ideal alternative to commercial flights. With an executive jet charter, you have the benefit of traveling in comfort, without the hassles of commercial flights. You won't have to worry about endless delays, connecting flights, or waiting to retrieve baggage - corporate jets, including King Air 90 Turbo Props, can get you where you're going without interruption.

You can charter a plane according to your own schedule with us. Even flying to a last minute meeting aboard a King Air 90 is no problem - just contact us to charter your aircraft, and we can be ready for departure within just a few hours. Getting to your final destination is also quick and simple - we can land at thousands of helipads and executive airports around the world, so you will spend less time driving to your meeting or business function.

We pride ourselves on providing comfortable, stress-free flights aboard out fleet of King Air 90 Turbo Props. When you choose our air charter service, you will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, so you can focus on business instead of recovering from a stressful flight.

Our staff of professionals will stop at nothing to make sure that your King Air 90 flight is an enjoyable experience. We strive to provide optimal comfort and convenience - our charter jet service is designed to give you and your fellow passengers an opportunity to relax while you are traveling, instead of enduring the hassles of commercial air travel. We can customize your flight to meet your unique requirements so your flight experience will be as pleasant as possible.

King Air 90 Information :

Seating : 6-7
Range (st. miles) : 1,280
Cabin Size: 4.8 Height, 4.5 Width, 12.7 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 48
Lavatory : Partial
Galley : N/A

King Air 90 Interior :

Interior of the King Air 90 Private Jet

King Air 90 Layout :

Layout of a King Air 90 Private Jet
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