Gulfstream V/G-V Private Jet

Gulfstream V/G-V

For classic luxury air travel the Gulfstream V / G-V is the large size private jet that best suits executive requirements for the best in air charter services. This long range Heavy Jet will comfortably seat up to 16 passengers in its spacious and luxurious cabin. It has a flight range of up to 6,500 nautical miles. For added privacy the Gulfstream V / G-V has 2 fully enclosed lavatories fore and aft. All flights have friendly crew and a trained flight attendant to serve guests.

Charter aircraft are increasingly popular for business travel. The Gulfstream V / G-V features a cabin that is ideal for conducting in flight meetings and is comfortably outfitted for optimum relaxation. As a business jet this sleek executive jet offers corporate travelers the height of luxury with office amenities such as Wi-Fi, desks, a/v equipment, and other office necessities. For relaxation, arrangements can be made in advance for hair dressers, massages or quite sleeping areas.

When you charter a private jet from Private Jets Charter service you can be confident that you are receiving top quality service and experience that is demanded by corporate business travelers. Private jet charters are flexible and can eliminate the hassles contingent with unnecessary layovers and connecting stops. You can fly straight to your destination, leave closer from home and arrive nearer your destination than is possible with commercial air travel.

There are many Gulfstream V / G-V executive jets available for private jet charter. With only a few hours notice Private Jets Charter service can have your Gulfstream V / G-V ready for take-off on your schedule. Charter planes can land at many more airports than commercial aircraft are allowed to use. By using smaller executive airports around the world your company and executives save time and money. The need for ground transportation and long commutes is lessened.

Rent a luxury corporate jet from Private Jets Charter and every aspect of your flight can be customized to meet your company requirements to assure total satisfaction. Every business jet charter flight will be unique and an experience to repeat.


Gulfstream V/G-V Information :

Seating : 16
Range (st. miles) : 6,500
Cabin Size : 6.2 Height, 7.3 Width, 50.1 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 226
Lavatory : 2 Full Enclosed
Galley : Full

Gulfstream V/G-V Interior :

Interior of the Gulfstream V/G-V Private Jet

Gulfstream V/G-V Layout :

Layout of a Gulfstream V/G-V Private Jet
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