Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream has become the leader in private jet production, and they've also become a leader in the charter jet industry. For those looking to charter an executive jet, the Gulfstream G200 is one of the best available jets on the market. It is known as a mid-size, but it provides big jet capability to people traveling shorter distances. One of the challenges of using this size of executive jet is that it can't go nearly as far and it's not a very viable option for international travel. The range is 4,077 miles, which means that it's an excellent domestic option.

Those who choose business jet charter service will be glad to tknow that the Gulfstream G200 has all sorts of features that will suit a traveler's needs. For one, it's got a full size lavatory in the cabin and it's also got a full galley. These two things are standard for jets of this type and the G200 also provides a spacious work area within the cabin. With comfortable chairs and a built-in meeting area, business people will be able to either hold meetings on the jet or sit back and relax. It's the type of charter jet that provides exactly what you need, no matter what your trip is for.

Potential travelers will be happy to know that Private Jets Charter can get access to a bunch of Gulfstream G200 charter jets. Air charter service with this type of jet is a popular choice, so the company has access to them within a few hours. That's the nice thing about using a plane that's so popular, because it can be there for your departure within literally a matter of hours.

One of the nice things about executive air charter service is that it gives you a chance to bypass any and all consumer-based airports. With the Gulfstream G200, you will be able to fly all over the country on your own schedule. Instead of having to work with an airline and schedule meetings around their flight times, you will be able to take off at any point, day or night. This service opens up possibilities for business people and it even more important right now, since time is an incredibly valuable resource.

Getting rid of layovers and having a direct connection to executive airports is what you'll get when you rent a Gulfstream G200. These things are important and they can take some of the worry out of your schedule. When you are in full control of when your plane takes off and when it lands, your plans can be much more concrete. That's what chartering a plane like the G200 can provide.

Gulfstream G200 Information:

Seating : 9
Range (st. miles) : 4,077
Cabin Size : 6.2 Height, 7.2 Width, 25 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 150
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Gulfstream G200 Interior :

Interior of the Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

Gulfstream G200 Layout :

Layout of a Gulfstream G200 Private Jet
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