Embraer Legacy Private Jet

Embraer Legacy

The Embraer Legacy series is one of the premier series of executive jet that Embraer offers its customers. This plane which comes in a 500, 600, and 650 style. This series offers comfort, convenience and style coupled with the best engineering for a luxury plane that is second to none. The planes have spacious restrooms where one can change clothes and have extra storage space, spacious cabin areas, and many other features that make it one of the top of the line in private jet services.

The interior cabin, at six feet in height, has plenty of room for standing, sitting and moving about while in flight. The seats either sit up, recline or can be laid flat to make a bed for long flights. The galley is spacious enough for easy use, but is small enough that it doesn't take up room within the plane. The plane is also environmentally friendly, being able to land with plenty of fuel reserve even after going from the east to west coast of the United States with eight passengers aboard on the 500 series. The company also recycles up to eighty percent of the materials that it can which are used in construction of the aircrafts.

The "clean sheet" design of the planes uses the most lightweight materials and engineering to make the plane stronger and aerodynamic in flight. The fly-by-wire technology used in the plane reduces the effects of air turbulence, making for a smoother flight for all passengers. As a charter aircraft or as a business jet, this plane series will promise the smoothest ride to the customer's destination.

If you are considering private jet services, ask about the Embraer Legacy series as one of your options. With its spacious seating, engineering, environmental friendliness and luxury styling you will have a fantastic flight. Chartering one of these planes for your next trip is as easy as a phone call giving the company adequate notice when departure is required. The plane, when ready, will ensure an efficient and comfortable trip to meet your personal business needs and those of your clients.


Embraer Legacy Information :

Seating : 13
Range (st. miles) : 3,737
Cabin Size : 5.9 Height, 6.9 Width, 43 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 240
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Embraer Legacy Interior :

Interior of the Embraer Legacy Private Jet

Embraer Legacy Layout :

Layout of a Embraer Legacy Private Jet
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