Corporate Jet Travel

Raytheon Premier Light Jet Here's a great alternative to the typical business or family trip, renting a private charter executive jet. The smallest of the jet class, light jets have all the features of prop jets, but fly higher, longer, and faster. A quiet engine gives a smooth ride and the feel of luxury, which it is. Pressurized cabins offer comfort for 5 to 8 passengers, who will travel in style and comfort. The private charter light jets are the most economical choice for short trips, and mid-range trips, flying at cruising speeds of about 400 to 560 mph. Their range is about 1,500 miles, non-stop. Private charter jets can access about ten times the number of airports as can commercial jet flights, so you can arrive closer to your destination and back to your home base.

By flying with the largest broker of executive jet charter and helicopter flights, you have the advantage of multiple selections for your aircraft. In the corporate jet charter category, choose from over a dozen types of executive jets, including aircraft from Beech, Citation, Falcon, Learjet, Raytheon, and Westwind. All meet regular FAA standards for safety and maintenance, and pilots must have at least 3,500 to 5000 hours of flight time prior to taking command of these charter jets.

Raytheon Jet Interior Onboard conveniences include luxury leather seating, retractable worktables, on board private lavatory, and access in-flight to your baggage on most models. Business jet charter aircraft fly at altitudes of about 40,000 to 45,000 feet, making your flights fun and fast. Regular commercial carrier security measures are conducted, and you will enjoy all the safety you expect from modern air flights.

Using a business jet charter is a cost effective answer for businesses that are sending several people to long distance meetings or conventions. The added convenience in ground time saving, and travel time is another benefit, as you can take off and land closer to destinations on both ends of your trip. For private travel, charter light jets are just the right size for families, with plenty of room for baggage. Enjoy all the luxury of private jet ownership without any of the ongoing costs. Charter your light jet when you need it, and then forget it until the next trip opportunity.

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