Citation Encore Private Jet

Citation Encore

Some small charter jets are smaller than others, and the Citation Encore falls into that category. For the most part, small jets are good for a couple of reasons. They're easy to store and they're easy to handle. The Citation Encore calls into the category of light private jet, and it has seating for as many as 7 passengers. Though you won't be traveling across the ocean in a Citation Encore with its range of 2,000 miles, you can pull off some very convenient domestic flights with this private jet. Many individuals these days are enjoying a light jet for their short flights, because it provides a comfortable place to have a meeting or relax.

The Citation Encore is a solid small plane in that it provides a lavatory on board. In addition to that, there is a partial galley for passengers to take advantage of. The real advantage of going with a small corporate jet like a Citation Encore is that you can sit back in the highly comfortable private cabin. There, you will be able to hold a small meeting during your short jaunt.

If you are looking for a way to avoid airports and avoid the domestic airlines, then Private Jets Charter has these Citation Encore planes right on hand. They can get one of these for you to use within a matter or hours, which means your next departure is never very far away. That's good to know for business travelers, as having an executive jet right on call gives you a great deal of flexibility with your schedule.

When you book a jet of this nature with Private Jets Charter, you are completely in control of when your group flies. If you have a tight schedule, you'll be sure to meet that schedule because there will be no stops. This jet will get in the air quickly and head to your destination without layovers and without the common delays that go along with domestic travel. Additionally, you will be able to use executive airports instead of the busy, crowded airports that are typical of domestic travel.

This is the only way to fly if you're serious about business travel. Chartering an executive jet is easy and it can save you tons of time over flying with a commercial jetliner. The Citation Encore is one of the best jets for that purpose.

Citation Encore Information :

Seating : 7
Range (st. miles) : 2,000
Cabin Size : 4.8 Height, 4.9 Width, 17.8 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 69
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Partial

Citation Encore Interior :

Interior of the Citation Encore Private Jet

Citation Encore Layout :

Layout of a Citation Encore Private Jet
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