Challenger 601 Private Jet

Challenger 601

If you are in need of a private jet charter the Challenger 601 Heavy Jet offers a spacious walk about cabin with luxury seating that is better than commercial first class accommodations. This aircraft is a refined revision of the Challenger 600 that was originally designed by Bill Lear (Lear Jet) and sold to Bombardier Aerospace. It has a full lavatory that is enclosed and there are two crew members and a flight attendant for your comfort. The beautifully decorated cabin is a perfect place to conduct in flight business meetings or to just enjoy the flight while relaxing comfortably. This is a full sized jet that can fly a range of 3,900 nautical miles and carry up to 10 to 12 passengers. The 6’1” height of the cabin makes walking around a pleasure.

When you charter a private jet you get all the amenities you would expect from such luxury service. Private Jets Charter has many Challenger 601 jets that are available for charter jet service. Use these corporate jets to bring your staff to out of town meetings and conventions at comparable prices of commercial first class flights. Everyone will have more fun and save time by flying together on your executive jet charter aircraft. All will arrive more refreshed and relaxed because they will not need to deal with the ordinary stresses involved with commercial flights and large airport traffic and lines.

Fly from thousands of private airports that are located more conveniently to destinations than large commercial airports. Depart closer to home and land closer to your target destination without making all the connecting stops and layovers in between the two locations. Fly on your own schedule that fits your business needs. You can set up flights at the last minute if necessary; it only takes a few hours notice to get your Challenger 601 jet ready for use.

Make your next corporate retreat extra special by adding a private jet charter to your travel package. Just call Private Jets Charter to make arrangements for any size group from small to large. Personal care and attention to detail will set our charter air services apart from the rest and exceed anything you will find on commercial airlines. Your satisfaction and a unique fight experience are guaranteed.

Challenger 601 Information :

Seating : 9-12
Range (st. miles) : 3,900
Cabin Size : 6.1 Height, 8.2 Width, 28.3 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 115
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Challenger 601 Interior :

Interior of the Challenger 601 Private Jet

Challenger 601 Layout :

Layout of a Challenger 601 Private Jet
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