What Benefits Do Corporations Gain from Chartering Private Jets?

Gulfstream Jet Chartering private jets is a cost effective alternative to owning a private fleet. Chartering a private jet allows corporations to minimize the time executives and employees spend traveling, thus maximizing the time they have to devote to business. As already mentioned, a year-long study showed the business travelers using private jets saved 359 hours of nonproductive travel time over those who used commercial flights to travel to the same destinations.

The large number of private airports may allow executives and employees to arrive at an airport that is closer to their final destination, further reducing travel time. Some charter operators and brokers will arrange for ground transportation at the point of arrival to take executives to their hotels or meetings.

When executives or key personnel are needed at different locations on the same day, corporations can book simultaneous charter flights with each going to a different destination, expanding the global presence of its executives and key personnel.

Freed from the need to depend on commercial flight schedules, executives and employees using private charter flights may be able to attend two or three meetings in person on the same day, further expanding the presence and personal reach of key corporate representatives.

Chartering private jets assures that executives and key employees are not bumped from a flight when it is vital to the interests of the corporation that they attend a meeting to deal with a crisis or sensitive issue in person.

On a charter flight, executives and employees can hold private meetings to discuss strategy or sensitive issues in depth so that they are better prepared to deal with the situation they will face at their destination. Since they have avoided the many hassles of commercial airports and airline terminals, executives and employees are more likely to arrive at their destination in a relaxed and poised frame of mind.

Opting to charter rather than own or lease a fleet of private jets eliminates the corporation’s investment in lease payments or in purchasing and maintaining its own fleet and flight personnel. By chartering private jets rather than owning its own fleet, the corporation saves on the cost of upkeep and fuel and on hanger storage when the plane or fleet is not in use. It also saves the cost of paying salaries and benefits to flight personnel, who may not always be needed.

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