Bell Long Ranger Charter Helicopter

Bell Long Ranger

The Bell Long Ranger helicopter was developed upon the success of its predecessor, the Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. Designed with the business traveler in mind, the Bell Long Ranger has seating for up to seven passengers, allowing for transport of larger groups than the Bell Jet Ranger, making it an ideal aircraft for private charter. An advanced drive train system developed for the Long Ranger provides an unsurpassed, incredibly smooth ride. Your passengers will find entering and exiting the aircraft easy due to the large doors. The interior of the craft will provide your passengers with comfort and spaciousness. The club seat configuration allows for ease of conversation with seating that places passengers face to face, while an advanced communications system makes talking with other passengers easy. As a charter aircraft, the Bell Long Ranger helicopter has a superior safety record.

If you are seeking a larger business jet charter for a group of business associates, the Bell Long Ranger helicopter can easily fulfill that need. Private Jets Charter can readily accommodate your requests with our access to several of the Bell Long Ranger helicopters for private jet services. We can have a Bell Long Ranger helicopter ready for departure within just a few hours of your request.

Renting a charter aircraft from Private Jets Charter allows you and your business associates more freedom to conduct business or simply relax, with less time spent in airport layovers and connecting flights. You can readily reach your destination conveniently and on your own schedule. Departures and arrivals can be adjusted according to the needs of your associates. Renting a Private Jets Charter aircraft allows for more freedom of landing and departure zones, providing your business associates with the convenience of arriving closer to their destination or departure points. Your flight plan can include utilizing any of the thousands of executive airports or helipads available worldwide for landing and takeoff. Corporate jet charter takes the paperwork out of travel, and keeps your business associates out of long terminal waiting lines.

For your next business venture, consider a plane charter from Private Jets Charter. We provide the business world with the unique freedom of flying on your own schedule and arriving at your own selected destination and departure points.

Bell Long Ranger Information :

Seating : 4
Range (st. miles) : 450
Cruise Speed (MPH) : 150
Baggage (Ibs.) : 240

Bell Long Ranger Interior :

Interior of the Bell Long Ranger Charter Helicopter
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