Bell 407 Charter Helicopter

Bell 407

The Bell 407 is a four-bladed, single engine light helicopter commonly used for corporate and offshore transport. With a standard range of 345 miles, the bell 407 makes an excellent short or mid-range transportation option. They are frequently employed as air ambulances or used for law enforcement, electronic news gathering, and movie making due to their spacious cabins, high level of ride comfort, and ability to provide excellent performance at high temperatures and altitudes with minimal noise during operation. The Bell 407 also features larger than standard cabin windows and a slightly higher than average maximum takeoff weight (it can accommodate up to 250lbs of luggage) compared to other helicopters in the "light helicopter" class range. It seats up to 6 passengers comfortably and has a cruise speed of 132 miles per hour, making the Bell 407 ideal for everything from relaxation and personal travel to corporate meetings on the go.

When considering travel options for personal or professional trips, remember that Private Jet Charter air charter services has access to numerous Bell 407s for private or corporate charter. Within a few hours notice, your chartered aircraft will be ready to depart. By choosing to utilize a chartered aircraft, you can start arranging your flights based on your own schedule. Unnecessary layovers and connecting stops can be avoided, giving you more time at your destination of choice. You will no longer lose precious hours traversing between and around cities by car or waiting for flights at the airport. Depart when you choose and arrive closer to your destination by landing in one of the thousands of executive airports or helipads around the world.

Charter a Bell 407 for your next flight and arrive rested and in less time than you would spend driving or flying on commercial airlines. Chartering an aircraft is easier and faster than you think and the benefits of a private aircraft charter over traditional forms of travel are clear. With Private Jet Charter providing aircrafts for all your personal and professional needs, every flight is customized to your specific requirements, guaranteeing your total satisfaction by making every flight easy to plan, customer oriented, and unique.

Bell 407 Information :

Seating : 4-6
Range (st. miles) : 345
Cruise Speed (MPH) : 132
Baggage (Ibs.) : 250

Bell 407 Interior :

Interior of the Bell 407 Charter Helicopter
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