Convenience and Comfort

On a private jet charter

Convenience is probably the most important factor when you charter a private jet. When you utilize charter jets you are, in essence, choosing your own personalized flight details. You are choosing the airport location, the time frame, as well as not having to schedule additional transportation. What’s more, you can often fly closer to your destination, which can reduce onward travel times.

The convenience of not having to go through the rigmarole of traditional airport procedures is of great benefit to any traveler. Consider the time you will save not having to arrive early to check in for your flight and not having to go through security. On a charter jet, you will not have to check certain bags, and stow others. You can bring that bottle of water you brought with you or any other catering you want. You can keep your shoes on. You can use your cell phone or electronic equipment freely, as long as you have a signal. You can carry on items that would not be permitted on a commercial flight. Charter planes have no size limits to liquids or measuring of luggage. The convenience factor of being able to bring anything you want on your flight is of huge importance to a private flier, whether that flight is for business or pleasure. The anticipation of a smaller distance to walk to your charter aircraft, as you will not be traveling through the airport, but rather taking a short walk on the tarmac to your charter plane, is extremely satisfying. Furthermore, the flight itself is shorter due to more efficient procedures with charter jets. With the assurance that we value your time as much as you do, we eliminate any wasted moments in the boarding procedure.

The choice to charter a private jet is all about the option of convenience, so we strive to provide every amenity you may need. Our clients appreciate the way we anticipate the needs of fliers, for business or for pleasure. We offer any type of customized food and beverage, so you do not have to choose from a standard menu. This is extremely helpful to those with dietary concerns, or an affinity for a particular brand of French champagne, for example. We can provide modern conveniences for business travelers such as technology needs for business meetings. Charter jets often have seating arrangements that face each other, making conversation and relaxation natural. On heavy jets, we can arrange for luxury services such as in-flight hairdressers or masseuses to ready a person for a business meeting when they land. This eliminates the need to tend to these items after traveling. We can also provide comfortable sleeping quarters to recharge and rest, so you can put your best foot forward the moment you step off the charter plane.

Concierge services of any kind can be arranged, from hotel and ground transport to any high end luxury. It could be a party in need of refreshment or spa treatments - you can rest assured we will exceed your expectations. When our clients charter jets, they know we will do it right the first time. The end result is a content, satisfied traveler, who feels their time was well spent.

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