Super Medium Jets for Super Excellent Travel

Gulfstream Private Jet  Interior For executive travel by air, use private charter super medium jets. These are smaller than heavy or jumbo jets, and larger than mid-size jets. You get more space, can take along more passengers, and carry more fuel for a longer range of travel. Nonstop you can travel about 3,500 miles with average cruising speeds from 490 to 490 mpg. Super medium jets can go as high as 51,000 feet in altitude, where you will obtain maximum fuel efficiency and minimum airline traffic.

The super medium jets can handle 8 to 9 passengers in luxurious comfort. Interiors are custom designed, and offer many amenities. Some have full service galleys, and all have lavatories, and large cabin interiors with standing room. Comfort is especially important for intercontinental travel, which is done with ease on these super medium jets. The private charter super medium jets include: Citation X, Falcon 50, Falcon 2000, Gulfstream 200, and the Hawker 1000.

Every charter jet meets commercial carrier safety and security regulations. Your pilot will have had a minimum of 3,500 to 5000 hours of flight time before commanding these jets. The jets have modern, advanced technology on board, and elegant interior design and materials. There are comfortable, luxury leather seats, retractable worktables, and access to baggage in-flight if needed. Everything you need for luxury travel in executive comfort is available on these private charter super medium jets.

Citation Super Medium Jet For long distance travel, efficiency and comfort are desirable, and these super medium jets have it all. Efficiency through technology and design means lower overall running costs, and being able to use a greater number of airports than commercial carriers can means you save on travel time because you can operate out of airports that are closer to home and to your destinations. Extra comfort for passengers comes from stand up cabins, stand up lavatories, and large cabin spaces.

For groups of up to 9 people, and medium to long range flights, consider using private charter super medium jets. Make your business or personal travel a luxury flight, with added convenience for all. All you need for lead time to reserve your aircraft is 4 to 5 hours. Private charter super medium jets fly at about 43,000 feet, getting you to your long distance destinations quickly and in the lap of luxury.

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