Sikorsky S-76 Charter Helicopter

Sikorsky S-76

The Sikorsky S-76 is a popular helicopter that is available for air charter service and business use. This medium size helicopter is named to honor Igor Sikorsky who first developed and perfected a successful working helicopter flight in 1939. They have been used ever since for military, Red Cross, business and personal flights. Today’s Sikorsky S-76 allows you to fly in the lap of luxury with deluxe interiors and plenty of room for up to 6 passengers in the cabin. It can cruise at speeds of 155 mph and is a fast way to travel on short to medium length journeys of up to 345 miles without stopping.

Private Jets Charter can provide you service on numerous Sikorsky S-76’s for your next private charter. We just need a few hours advance notice and we will have your charter aircraft ready to fly. Using charter planes and helicopters is the modern way to cut costs while doing business in style and comfort. You can get better service and easier trip arrangements when you fly with Private Jets Charter.

There are many thousands of private airports worldwide that Private Jets Charter can access for your charter planes. These are located closer to cities and towns closer to destinations than large commercial airports are allowed. You will experience fewer delays, better service and less hassle than you normally have when flying commercially. Smaller airports that are closer to your destination means you save time and money and can schedule arrivals and departures at your convenience as your schedules demand.

Private Jets Charter guarantees that you will be satisfied with your air charter services from start to finish. On board accommodations are perfect for conducting business in flight, in comfort. You can avoid connecting stops and delays or layovers. You and your group can arrive rested and refreshed at your destination instead of tired and worn out from travel.

Charter a private jet, helicopter, or turbo prop from Private Jets Charter and discover what business travel should be like every time you fly. Costs are comparable to commercial first class flights for larger groups. Small groups and families will also enjoy the comfort, speed and luxury when flying on our Sikorsky S-76 helicopters.

Sikorsky S-76 Information :

Seating : 4-6
Range (st. miles) : 345
Cruise Speed (MPH) : 155
Baggage (Ibs.) : 250

Sikorsky S-76 Interior :

Interior of the Sikorsky S-76 Charter Helicopter
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