Wicks now offers CamGuard

CamGuard 2Wicks Aircraft Supply has added CamGuard lubricant to its growing list of products. CamGuard is an additive liquid formulated to address the problems of corrosion, wear, deposits and seal degradation in piston engines. It can be used with all oils, including mineral based, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic types. The product is especially useful for infrequently used engines, company officials said.

CamGuard inhibits rusting and resultant pitting, which can increase wear rates on critical components like camshafts, lobes, tappet surfaces and cylinder walls. It also cuts down on the buildup of carbonaceous materials caused by oxidized fuel and other lube products. CamGuard contains 11 special ingredients that are multifunctional.

CamGuard is available in one quart containers for $25.45, plus shipping.

For more information: WicksAircraft.com or 800-221-9425.