‘Flight of the Red Tail’ released to DVD

4Filmmaker Adam White is releasing “Flight of the Red Tail,” a companion piece that follows three years after release of “Red Tail Reborn.” The 12-minute film chronicles the events of the Red Tail Project, including the fatal crash of pilot and project leader Don Hinz in 2004, the five-year restoration journey to flightworthy status, and the captivating stories surrounding its return to the sky in 2009.

“Flight of the Red Tail had to be made, as the story of sacrifice didn’t end when Red Tail Reborn was finished filming, it just began,” said White. “The film serves as both a strong piece on its own and also as a companion piece to Red Tail Reborn which gives the full history on The Red Tail P-51C Mustang Tuskegee Airmen, the namesake of the famed Alabama trained World War II veterans.”

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