MD 902 Charter Helicopter

MD 902

The MD 902 launched in 1989, as McDonnell Douglas Helicopters initialized development on the Explorer, which was then referred to as MDX. Explorer incorporated Boeing's, NOTAR® anti-torque technology system and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s, PW207E series engines. In September, 1992, improvements to the Explorer increased range, endurance and enabled a higher maximum takeoff weight. With these enhancements, the Explorer unofficially became designated MD 902. As one of the most technically advanced helicopters, the MD 902 Explorer continues to make improvements including greater safety, lower noise levels, and enhanced performance and controllability. Also notable in the MD 902, is its ample usable interior space for occupants and storage.

The MD 902, charter aircraft, is the largest in the light twin-engine class. Perfect for corporate jet charter, the MD 902 will seat up to six passengers with incredible access from two 52 inch sliding cabin doors. The energy absorbing, stroking cabin seats meet stringent FAR Part 27 requirements, allowing executive jet charter clients to travel in comfort and luxury without compromising safety. The twin-engine's greater fuel capacity gives the MD 902 its longer range of travel without the need to stop and refuel. However, jet charter is also ideal for short, scenic trips. When confined landing spaces are necessary, the MD 902 is safely equipped with a terrain avoidance and warning system and night vision capability. Traveling at a cruise speed of 180 miles per hour and with a range of 485 nautical miles, your next business jet charter in the MD 902 will deliver you to your destination rested, energized and promptly without unnecessary layovers. Jet helicopters provide fast and agile service with safety and comfort as a top priority.

All private jet charter flights will be customized to your specific itinerary needs. Depart on your schedule and arrive on time at any one of the five thousand executive airports and helipads nationwide. Go where you want, when you wish and with as little as a few hours notice on the MD 902. Jet charters allow more convenience than any commercial flight currently available. Each air charter service will be unique and guaranteed for your total satisfaction.

MD 902 Information :

Seating : 6
Range (st. miles) : 485
Cruise Speed (MPH) : 180
Baggage (Ibs.) : 220

MD 902 Interior :

Interior of the MD 902 Charter Helicopter
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