Lear 60 Private Jet

Learjet 60

Book a Mid Size Lear 60 from Private Jets Charter and get ready to enjoy the ultimate in service and luxury travel. The Lear 60 is perfectly sized for smaller passenger groups of 6 to 7 persons. This charter plane has a long range of 2,675 nautical miles and is outfitted with an elegant cabin for passenger comfort. There is an enclosed full lavatory and a partial galley for custom food service. The spacious cabin and comfortable seating arrangement allows you to conduct meetings if desired or just relax and enjoy your flight time.

Private Jets Charter has access to flight ready Lear 60 jets whenever you want to book a flight. Just give us a few hours advance notice and we will be ready to fly when you want to depart on your private jet. You will enjoy flying with private jet services that are directed towards keeping you satisfied. Each Lear 60 has a professional crew and flight attendant to help make your flight unique and successful.

When you charter a private jet you know you will enjoy traveling more because you can avoid the large commercial airports with all the hustle and bustle and lines. Air charter services are best because you can utilize thousands of private airports around the world. You will be able to take off from an airport closer to your home and land at one that is nearer your destination. This saves you valuable time and cost of ground transportation services and shuttles.

Book a Lear 60 executive jet charter or family business jet charter today and we can have your flight ready when you want it ready with just a few hours notice. Fly directly to your destination and avoid unnecessary layovers and connecting stops along the way. You will arrive more refreshed and more rested than is possible with any commercial flight.

Private Jets Charter service has a wide range of jets available including the luxurious Lear 60 private jets. If you have not yet flown using a charter air service you will enjoy the unique flying experience of your life. Save money and time and get the best travel flights possible.

Lear 60 Information :

Seating : 6-7
Range (st. miles) : 2,675
Cabin Size : 5.7 Height, 5.9 Width, 17.7 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 59
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Partial

Lear 60 Interior :

Interior of the Lear 60 Private Jet

Lear 60 Layout :

Layout of a Lear 60 Private Jet
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