Lear 55 Private Jet

Learjet 55

Charter a private jet and enjoy the luxury and convenience that you will only find with charter jet service. Book a Lear 55 Mid Size jet for up to 7 persons for the flight experience of a lifetime. The Lear 55 has a distance range of 2,000 nautical miles and is the ideal way to get to your next business meeting. Enjoy the flight and relax or carry on with regular business while in flight.

Private Jets Charter service has business jets available with only a couple hour advance notice. You can fly by your own schedule with much less fuss with airport delays, crowds, and parking or security issues. Each private jet will be ready for your group to depart from airports close to your home base and they can land closer to your destination. Save time and money traveling to meetings and conventions and have less hassle with ground transportation or maneuvering through mega-airports.

Private Jets Charter has many Lear 55’s ready to provide you with private jet service. They have a luxurious interior cabin and seating with an enclosed private lavatory and partial food service galley. Avoid wasted time at connecting stops and time consuming layovers. Our Lear 55’s can access many thousands more smaller executive airports where commercial flights are not allowed to land.

Additional benefits with jet charters include the shorter flight times and peaceful journey that will leave your group rested and ready for work upon arrival. We can cater to special food requests and provide special amenities upon request. Every Private Jets Charter flight can be customized to meet your special requirements. We guarantee satisfaction when you fly with Private Jets Charter.

Book your next corporate journey on charter aircraft from Private Jets Charter. Enjoy the luxury of your own corporate jet without the investment of owning one. All it takes is a phone call to set up the arrangements and be on your way within hours.

Compare the costs of flying 7 persons luxury first class commercial with our rates and you will find that chartering your own private business jet is as cost effective or better. Add to this the extra enjoyment everyone will have when flying on the Lear 55 jet from Private Jets Charter and there is your answer!

Lear 55 Information :

Seating : 7
Range (st. miles) : 2,000
Cabin Size : 5.75 Height, 5.9 Width, 16.7 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 60
Lavatory : Enclosed
Galley : Partial

Lear 55 Interior :

Interior of the Lear 55 Private Jet

Lear 55 Layout :

Layout of a Lear 55 Private Jet
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