Learjet 31A Private Jet

Learjet 31A

The Learjet 31A is a light private jet that counts amongst the most luxurious executive jets that we have available for charter. With a large cabin that comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers, this is the perfect corporate jet for entertaining clients with plenty of cabin space available for important meetings. The Learjet 31A was manufactured from 1990 through 2003 and is one of the most popular light business jets available.

It is impossible to overstate the convenience of chartering a private jet. Rather than dealing with the crowds and delays of commercial air travel, executive jet charters let you travel in style and arrive on time to your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. A charter plane is also a great way to show your clients that you mean business, and a private jet makes a huge impact on individuals who are not accustomed to traveling in style. This is particularly the case when you charter an executive jet as majestic as the Learjet 31A.

With a range of around 1300 nautical miles, the Learjet 31A can complete most flights without refueling and will deliver you and your party to your destination well ahead of schedule. As you can see from our photos, this is a particularly attractive charter plane that will impress all but the most impassive of passengers. Depending on your industry and the values of your business partners, you might find it useful to know that all Learjets are made in the United States. If forced to point out a flaw in the design of this private jet from a passenger's perspective, it would be that the plane lacks an enclosed restroom. Instead, there is a partial galley available for your convenience and the extra space is used to free up room in the cabin itself.

At Private Jets Charter, we custom design every flight plan for the needs and interests of our customers. Simply contact us today with your unique requirements, and we will be able to quickly provide you with a quote for jet charter.

Learjet 31A Information :

Seating : 8
Range (st. miles) : 1,300
Cabin Size : 4.35 Height, 4.95 Width, 12.9 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 30
Lavatory : Partial
Galley : Partial

Learjet 31A Interior :

Interior of the Learjet 31A Private Jet

Learjet 31A Layout :

Layout of a Learjet 31A Private Jet
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