Heavy Jet

Heavy Jets in More Detail

Shopping around for a private jet charter can be very simple once you have decided the size of your charter and the dates and destinations that you will be flying. If you are looking for a charter flight that can accommodate a few extra people or you aren’t quite sure just yet how many will be in your party then you will probably be considering selecting an aircraft from the Heavy Jet class.

This class will offer you the widest variety of larger jets to choose from and these jets will accommodate larger charters usually on average from 8-14 passengers. And Heavy Jets are important for those who are looking to travel great distances as well, with the ability to travel anywhere from 3200 miles to 7500 miles at a time without having to stop and refuel. Of course, which aircraft you select will be a contributing factor for how many miles it can travel without refueling and if you know that you will be traveling a greater distance than this is an important factor to keep in mind. After all your selection of a heavy jet must not only include how many are in your party but also how far you will need to travel since each charter option in this class will have different fuel restrictions.

Take for instance the Challenger 600, 601, and 604 for instance. Each of these jets offers a quality cabin with many amenities. They offer plenty of room and accommodations for anywhere from 9-12 people and offer a high speed experience but by far one of the biggest differences in these different Challenger aircrafts is the range that they can travel without refueling. The Challenger 600 has a range of 2300 miles, the Challenger 601 has a significantly higher range of 3900 miles, and the Challenger 604 offers a full 4640 miles of travel before refueling must occur and while there are some significant differences in the layout of these aircraft it is important to note that the range is by far the most significant difference.

The Embraer Legacy series is by far one of the most revered in this class with an executive jet that offers passengers a superior experience. The Legacy comes in a 500, 600, and 650 style and this series offers comfort and luxury engineering that well surpasses many of the aircraft on the market today. Each of the Legacy series of Heavy Jets offers a spacious cabin, which is six feet in height and offers passengers the opportunity to get comfortable in a seated, reclining, or even in a standing position during a longer flight. This is of great value to larger passengers as well and most find the interior of the Embraer Legacy series quite inviting and accommodating even on cross country trips. This series of planes is also environmentally friendly which is of course another reason for its increased popularity and with a body that is comprised of approximately 80% recyclable materials it is not surprising that this line of aircrafts is growing in popularity. These materials also tend to make this model of heavy jet a bit more lightweight and as a result most find that this creates a smoother and more aerodynamic ride. The Embraer Legacy Series is by far one of the most popular in the class of heavy jets for many, many reasons.

Of course, when you are looking for a heavy jet you will definitely want to take a peek at the Gulfstream aircrafts in this class as well. You will find that Gulfstream G550 is one that is top of the line and the one that is most commonly booked by CEO’s and heads of state. Most find that although this vessel is designed to hold up to 16 passengers that they love its design and the cabin is luxurious enough for even the top executives in the company. Another added bonus of this model of heavy jet is the fact that it can travel for a much farther range than any other plane in its class with an amazing 6,700 miles at a time which well surpasses the industry average of a range of approximately 3,500 miles.

In addition to these aircrafts that get so much attention there are also a variety of Gulfstream aircrafts that include the Gulfstream II, Gulfstream III, Gulfstream IV, and the Gulfstream V and you will find that each of these offers travelers a wonderfully unique experience that is varied from one aircraft to the next. And if the Gulfstream Series is not exactly what you are looking for you can also consider flying on the Global Express or on the Falcon 900 Series. The most difficult part is actually deciding from all the incredible heavy jets that are available to choose from. As a matter of fact you may want to book several different flights just so you can experience the incredible variety of heavy jets that are available to you.

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